Madagascar Pink Peppercorns are the dried berries of the plant pink peppercorn, available in two species (Schinus terebenthifolius and Schinus molle).

Madagascar pink peppercorn cultivates its difference and is not at all the same species as black or white pepper a flowering plant in the cashew family which have a peppery taste, that is native to subtropical and tropical South America and is an entirely unrelated plant to Piper nigrum (the black peppercorn).

Nowadays, they can be found in Brazil, on Reunion Island, in Mauritius and of course Madagascar.


This tree likes hot but not arid areas and is perfectly adapted to dry climate of Malagasy highlands as the warm, moist areas of the east coast, north and south of Madagascar.

It can reach 15 meters high, but for obvious reasons of ease of harvest, their size is usually limited to 3 meters. It was introduced to Madagascar by the Creole settlers in the highlands east of Antananarivo.

Pink Peppercorns

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  • The Rose Bay, pink pepper, Red pepper, pepper bourbon, China Coffee, Brazilian pepper, incense or false pepper is a South American plant that came was introduced in Madagascar ; highly sought in the food and some perfumes, the fruit of this tree is a sweet spice taste slightly peppery with a hint of anise.

    In Madagascar, baie rose grow on the east coast, in the highlands and in some alluvium. It was introduced by planters from Réunion. The pink berry tree can measure 50 feet , the berries have a red color and are small in size. The tree blooms towards the beginning of the year and allows you to have 500g up to 2kg of spice.

    For the successful cultivation of this Madagascar pink peppercorn, installation of an impluvium in order to conserve the fertilizing elements of the soil remains necessary. In most cases, the pink berries are planted by cutting, but it is also possible to grow baie rose de Madagascar by seed. Farmers harvest it between the months of December and January, April and June.