Besides Sri Lanka, Madagascar is one of only a few countries where Ceylon cinnamon or so-called True cinnamon grows in abundance. While the tree is native to Sri Lanka, the plant was probably introduced to Madagascar in the 17th century by sailors crossing the Indian Ocean on their trading routes.


Only the inner bark of the tree is used for the spice. Madagascar and Ceylon cinnamon has the lowest amount of coumarin contents compared to other cinnamons. ... Madagascar cinnamon is sweet, citrusy and delicate in flavour compared with Chinese Cassia cinnamon, which is stronger, more intense and slightly bitter.

Ceylon sticks are created by rolling several layers of delicate bark from the interior of a cinnamon tree, resulting in a light-brown color.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

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  • As for the cinnamon sticks, there are several ways of determining whether you are getting the real deal. Examine the differences between Ceylon cinnamon sticks and Cassia cinnamon sticks.

    Real cinnamon contains a small, negligible amount of coumarin, a naturally occurring blood-thinning substance. Recommended for regular use, eg for correcting blood sugar level. 

    Ceylon Cinnamon thin and paper-like textured bark that forms multiple layers when rolled up not like Cassia Cinnamon uneven thick bark that forms only a few layers when rolled up.