TK black vanilla or brown vanilla has the same botanical name as Gourmet Black vanilla, which is Vanilla Planifolia. So therefore, she also comes from Madagascar as Gourmet premium high quality vanilla with lower level of humidity.

Two pods/beans packed in a bamboo tube:
moisture content:  28%+/-1%,
vanillin rate:  1.7%,
length 18cm+/7.1in+,
net weight around 10g


TK black vanilla is high-quality vanilla. It differs from Black vanilla by its lower humidity and its brownish, they are not so sensitive to mold and fermentation like Black vanilla with moisture over 30%, if it is kept away from moisture and away from sunlight. This type of vanilla is ideal for all types of dessert: pastry, ice cream, and others, dairy products, chocolate factories, etc. It is even used for the production of natural extract and powder. Its level of vanillin is much higher than the vanillin level of the vanilla extract.

Vanilla's leading flavor is due to the presence of vanillin, an organic compound that delivers those signature sweet, warm, and creamy flavors. Madagascan vanilla has higher concentrations of vanillin than beans from other countries, another reason why Madagascan vanilla beans are so richly flavored.



2 Vanilla Pods/Beans In The Tube

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  • One reason vanilla has gotten so expensive is, it's hard to grow. ... In Madagascar, where over 80% of vanilla is produced, the flowers have to be pollinated by hand. The pods need several months to cure after harvesting. The whole process is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

    Nutritional  Values per 100g :

    Energy                                  1262kJ/301kcal 

    Salt                                         0g

    Fat                                          3.2g

    of which saturates               0g

    Carbohydrate                       56g

    of which sugars                   0g

    Fibre                                      24g

    Protein                                   0g


    Black vanilla is easily recognizable from others thanks to its moisture content. The moisture makes the bean supple and fleshy. The more the moisture rate is high, the easier will be the bean to split and to work with.

    Tahiti vanilla is the best example, this origin presents the highest moisture content of all vanilla origins. Except for its perfume, you will recognize the Tahiti vanilla bean which is big, wide, extremely supple, and sensual.

    Gourmet vanilla from Planifolia species (the most common: Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros, Uganda…) is split into two categories:

    • Black vanilla (split or non-split) with a moisture content between 30 and 38%
    • T4 or TK vanilla with a moisture content between 26 and 30%

    Black vanilla is the most expensive, it is the one used by Chefs. Supple and fleshy, it is simple to split. Its coat is fully black, chocolate colour, without any default or colour variation.

    TK vanilla bean is black, chocolate colour and can have few red filaments. It is appreciated by packagers, which sell the product by unit. Those beans are less humid, lighter and they will have the advantage to be more numerous per kilo.

    Both qualities represent 10 to 15% of a crop in Madagascar. They are products that request high expertise and care. If they are too humid, they are more sensitive to mold, and fermentation.

    For evaluating the quality of the TK vanilla  there are many criteria :

    • The most important criteria are his wealth vanillin rate (the only scientific data to evaluate the quality of the pod)
    •  The vanilla beans should be fragrant.
    • Dark brown to black
    • Supple with an oily luster